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Many key “community wins” have taken place since the launch of Vision 2015 in 2005. Below are highlights of some of the major accomplishments we’ve seen in the last few years.

communityDuring fourth quarter of 2010 and first quarter of 2011, under the convening leadership of United Way, along with Agenda 360, Vision 2015, and other broad reaching community intermediaries, community level Bold Goals for Income, Education and Health were developed. The six month process engaged organizations and individuals across our 15 county region in an unprecident way. The Bold Goals represent a system-wide approach to large-scale change and go beyond just one population or group; they represent an integrated community-based approach to systematic achievement of overarching community challenges.

Latest developments and highlights from 2010 include:

  • The Economic Competitiveness Working Group was launched in Spring, 2010. The group is comprised to bring together those involved in attraction, retention, entrepreneurship, international trade, and workforce development to engage in data-based discussions aimed at developing actionable programs to increase our regional competitiveness
  • Under the convening of Vision 2015 and with the support of the education, business and not-for-profit communities, the Northern Kentucky Education Council launched in Fall 2010. An award of $250,000 over two years from the Forum for Youth Investment as a Ready by 21 Southeast Challenge site was also obtained
  • In order to sustain the implementation of the health needs assessment, launched in 2009, an Access to Care Team was formed. The team is comprised of leaders from all major health providers in Northern Kentucky
  • The Licking River Greenway and Trails received funding for the first phases of paved trail along the levee flood wall in Covington. The project also received funding from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and Kenton Conservancy for greenway restoration. More than 150 people volunteered during greenway restoration days in 2010
  • Vision 2015, The Northern Kentucky Area Development District and the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce released a study that examines and showcases how our region’s governments have succeeded in collaboration efforts over the last decade

A few key highlights from 2009 include:

  • Vision 2015 released the Child Health in Northern Kentucky report done by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The report received great press and will be used to influence provider programs
  • Vision 2015 expanded the One to One Practicing Reading with Student initiative to 26 schools – a total of 300 volunteers have been recruited and trained as literacy coaches. The Partnership at New Cities will continue to expand the program

A few key highlights from 2008 include:

  • Vision 2015 launched the Catalytic Development Funding Corporation (CDFC) to increase investment in the urban core
  • Vision 2015 commissioned and completed a comprehensive master plan for linking and building parks, greenways and trails along the Licking River corridor
  • Vision 2015 supported community led efforts to unify police services in Highland Heights and Southgate
    Learn more about the community’s work in 2008.

Each June Vision 2015 produces an annual report to the community that highlights key community successes and accomplishments toward the vision. A year-by-year view of accomplishments along with recent annual reports are below.