Welcome to Vision 2015 – our roadmap to a better future.

Vision 2015 is more than just a plan, it’s more than an idea. It is a call to action. Northern Kentucky’s future depends on our ability to work cooperatively and find creative solutions to the economic and social issues facing our region. We must continue to dream big, overcome challenges, and unite around a shared vision for our future.

Please view this website as an invitation to take ownership of our community and participate in solutions that will make Northern Kentucky a better, more economically competitive place to live.

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Latest Developments

Champions for Education: Focus Locally, Compete Globally

We all want Northern Kentucky's education system to be among the best in the nation and real change is needed in order for that to occur. Vision 2015 calls for this kind of significant change in education performance and attainment. The education summit, which is intended to recruit volunteer "Champions for Education" will serve as a catalyst to inform, inspire, and empower diverse groups of people to help support high quality education systems.

Focus Areas

Vision 2015 is built around six strategic directions – competitive economy, educational excellence, livable communities, urban renaissance, effective governance, and regional stewardship. Each of these shares one common purpose: to ensure Northern Kentucky is capable of competing in a global economy, with our citizens benefiting from the prosperity and opportunity this creates. Each area is dependent on the other and crucial for transforming our region.

Economic Competitiveness

In today’s economy, talent, industry clusters, inclusion and connectivity provide the foundation for a true competitive advantage.

Educational Excellence

A concentration of highly educated people is key to achieving a region’s economic success. After all, regions prosper by virtue of their people.

Livable Communities

It used to be that regions grew because of natural resources or trade routes. Today, regions grow because they have highly educated and productive people.

Urban Renaissance

As we strive to capitalize on our history, architecture and neighborhood experience, our urban communities are among our most significant assets.

Regional Stewardship

For Northern Kentucky to grow and prosper we must cultivate the next generation of regional stewards who are civic entrepreneurs, integrators, and coalition builders.

Effective Governance

Northern Kentucky is challenged to maximize the use of our public dollars for public services, while at the same time preserving and enhancing the unique identify of our communities.

Angie Taylor: Increasing accessibility to higher education

"For Kentucky, increasing accessibility to higher education is one of our greatest needs," says Angie Taylor, Ed.D. serves as vice president of business and industry services at Gateway Community and Technical College. “Economic stability and the education level of our residents are directly correlated. Since Kentucky has one of the highest rates of born here/die here, our economic development issues are a direct reflection of how well we educate the populace.”

Future sport development in Northern Kentucky

For those who are looking for a career within the sports sector, the best option is an accredited sports management degree program. This qualification is an ideal study path for those who have a particular interest in all aspects of sport leadership, whether they are keen to work in academic settings or whether they hope to work with professional athletes.

The Benefits Of An Online Masters Sports Management Degree Program

There are a number of outstanding sports management degree online programs which can help to launch a career within the sports world. With modules that cover a broad spectrum of subjects, these programs look in depth at the corporate and business side of the sports industry as well - from organizing sport events to managing online cricket betting sites. Physical elements, exercices & theory of healthy eating are also part of the education, ensuring that those who achieve this qualification are well prepared to embark on their chosen career within the field. By equipping students with an essential skillset encompassing marketing, finance and law, these programs can help graduates to reinvest those newly acquired skills in the state’s community and professional sporting programs as well as Northern Kentucky’s sporting retail, coaching and recruitment industries, giving them a much needed boost.

Why Study Sports Management In Kentucky?

Kentucky has long had a strong affinity with sports, with many natives of the state having gone on to highly successful professional sporting careers. So, it’s no wonder that there are so many sports management degree programs to choose from offered by some of the state’s best educational institutions. Some of the best include:

  • Northern Kentucky University – Haile/US Bank College of Business
    Bachelor of Science in Sports Business – this business degree with a strong sports focus prepares students for careers in recreational management as well as the sports industry. Find more at their website
  • Union College – Department of Wellness, Human Performance And Recreation
    Sports Management – this program prepares its students to take up entry-level posts across a range of activity related and sporting industries through modules which focus on physical health, sociological issues, technology and budgeting. Find more at their website
  • University of Kentucky – College of Education
    Sports Leadership – this program prepares its students to take up leadership roles in the field of sports administration with business and leadership modules and electives which allow students to select their own specialism. Find more at their website
  • University of Louisville – College Of Education And Human Development
    B.S. in Sports Administration – preparing its students to take up entry level roles in the field of sports management, this program gives students the chance to work in a hands-on environment with local sporting agencies. Find more at their website
  • Western Kentucky University - School of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport
    Bachelor of Science In Sport Management – this program gives its students a broad education across the entire sports management industry preparing them for careers in venue and event management, sports operations management and sports marketing. Find more at their website

How Do Sports Management Degrees Help Kentucky’s Sporting Industry?

For Kentucky students who love sport but who don’t have pro athlete skills, a sports management degree is the ideal choice, allowing them to pursue careers in the field that they love while learning business management skills that stand them in good stead to take up entry level posts across a range of sectors from retail and academic to working with venues and professional athletes.

A sports management degree doesn’t only benefit the students, it also benefits Kentucky’s sporting industry too, ensuring that the most skilled and well-qualified candidates are able to be recruited into top positions. Having a strong background in the business and financial aspects of sports management ensures that the state’s many sports related sectors can grow and thrive and that North Kentucky’s sporting industry is safe hands.