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Goal, Strategies and Initiatives

As we strive to capitalize on our history, architecture and neighborhood experience, our urban communities are among our most significant assets. Therefore, Northern Kentucky will restore our urban core to a position of prominence.

Seven strategies for achieving urban renaissance:

  1. Increase the availability of market-rate housing by 3,000 units in 10 years
  2. Create a catalytic development corporation to stimulate redevelopment of urban areas
  3. Increase the rate of home ownership and quality, affordable housing options
  4. Expand arts, retail, dining and entertainment opportunities
  5. Improve access to and use of the Ohio and Licking rivers through a network of parks and green spaces with walkways and bike paths that connect the river cities
  6. Reduce crime and improve safety through collaborative law enforcement efforts
  7. Ensure each neighborhood has a strong, active association that increases civic engagement

Latest Developments on Related Initiatives

Catalytic Development Funding Corporation (CDFC)

The Catalytic Development Funding Corporation (CDFC) was established 18 months ago to invest and leverage funds in the Northern Kentucky urban core. The Fund has set a goal of $10 million committed over the next year. The CDFC is led by board chairman William Butler, founder and chairman of Corporex Companies Inc., and vice chairman Charles Scheper, COO of Great American Financial Resources. Jeanne Schroer, an urban planning and real estate financing expert is the executive director of the Fund.

The Catalytic Fund has established the following fund raising goals:

  • $250,000 in 2010 for ongoing operations with a long-term goal of funding a $500,000 operating budget. To date, the Catalytic Fund has raised $100,000 in initial capital as well as $85,000 on a multi year basis to fund operations. Additionally, the Catalytic Fund has received a $10,000 grant from LISC to conduct revitalization work in Covington. Several other requests are pending
  • $10,000,000 in capital to invest in urban revitalization projects in Northern Kentucky’s urban core cities with a long-term goal of maintaining a $20,000,000 revolving fund. To date, $4,500,000 has been committed. Specific requests for another $4,000,000 are currently under consideration by potential funders
  • Additionally, the Catalytic Fund has applied to the US Department of Treasury to be certified as an “emerging” Certified Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with the goal of becoming a CDFI in 2011. Obtaining CDFI status will qualify the Catalytic Fund for significant Technical Assistance grants as well as grants for investment capital and will make it easier for lending institutions to invest in the Catalytic Fund

Affordable Housing

Vision 2015’s Urban Renaissance has been working with the urban core communities to foster housing and public safety strategies. One resource that Vision 2015 will be providing the river cities and local non-profits is a report organizing recently collected data into an easy to use format for grant applications, strategic planning and other uses. This report will be available in March/April. Urban Renaissance Task Forces, formed around specific action agendas, are being formed .

An additional update impacting Northern Kentucky’s urban core:

  • Gateway Community and Technical College has announced the release of an RFP for a master plan design of its Urban Campus. The Urban Center’s enrollment has risen from 78 in Fall 2008 to 863 in Spring 2011, an increase of 1,106%