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myNKY | 1/17/2014

What is myNKY?
myNKY is the next phase visioning and community engagement piece to help determine Northern Kentucky's future. With a clear vision and sense of direction, strong strategies can be formed for our region. myNKY will help to determine the focus for Northern Kentucky for the next five years through the voices of our community. 

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myNKY Final Four | 3/31/2014

Seeking Final Four Ideas for NKY's Future
For the past few months myNKY, the region’s community visioning campaign, has been asking people from across Northern Kentucky to answer this question,  “I want myNKY to be ________. “ With March Madness in full effect and the Final Four approaching this weekend, myNKY wants to know, if you had to place your ideas for our region into a final four-style bracket, what would that bracket look like? For more information click here

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"Few communities have leadership and passion like Northern Kentucky."
-Bill Butler