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Regional Indicators Report Illustrates Progress, Show Challenges Remain | 12/1/2014

Regional Indicators Report Illustrates Progress, Shows Challenges Remain in Transforming Region
Improvements in the number of higher-paying jobs, income levels and lower unemployment have helped our region improve its standing in the Regional Indicators Report, available at www.regional-indicators.orgThe report now ranks our region 9th/12, up from 10th/12 in 2010.  

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Millennials prove the power of philanthropy | 12/5/2014

Millennials Prove the Power of Philanthropy

At Vision 2015 and other area organizations, millennials are getting involved. According to this article, millennials volunteer "because it's the right thing to do. It's a way to get more connected to their communities and to one another. And it's a way to gain leadership skills." Click "Read More" below to see the whole article. 

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"Real collaboration is authentic working together across organizational boundaries toward common goals."
-Robert Harrington